Blogs and Websites (we are talking eclectic)
that are not necessarily about books or homework!

The Harry Potter Alliance

The Harry Potter Alliance turns fans into heroes. We’re changing the world by making activism accessible through the power of story. Since 2005, we’ve engaged millions of fans through our work for equality, human rights, and literacy.


Ravelry is a free site for knitters and crocheters.


National Novel Writing Month

Nanowrimo- Ready to write a novel? You've come to the right place.

Page to Premier

The book was better- or was it? All the info about favorite books and the movies that get made.


Welcome to the Nerdfighters Ning! Nerdfighters are a group of like-minded people., who gathered around two vloggers and brothers, John and Hank Green. This website was originally created by Hank, but control has since been handed to a group of moderators, who go by the name of Ningmasters.


Home to the Nerdist Podcast Network, Nerdist News, and Nerdist Presents, is the heart of Chris Hardwick’s digital media empire. With daily news, hilarious videos and reviews of the latest games, movies and comics, join Nerdist’s team of Jessica Chobot, Rachel Heine, Dan Casey, Malik Forté, Kyle Hill and Matt Grosinger as they explore the nerd fabric of today’s pop-culture landscape.

The Marble Collection

We publish the Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts, the only statewide print and online magazine of the arts featuring jury-selected artwork, photography, spoken word, poetry, and writing by students in grades 8 to 12. We also offer one-to-one e-Mentoring workshops, in which published teens are paired with college-level mentors, who guide their work to publication for real-world audiences.


Discover more about your favourite characters, spells and creatures from across the wizarding world. Read more about phoenixes, magical birds that rise again from the ashes.



Write. Your words. Our art. Amazing stories. Simple tools help you build      books in minutes. Let the art inspire and surprise you as you write. Readers will encourage you along the way.